Personal Protective Equipement

Cut-resistant gloves


A range of cut-resistant gloves





Le Loyal (25.60 Newton), Le complet (44.60 Newton)

Le Maneg (62.80 Newton)

Essential for your protection against mechanical hazards.










La Manica

25-cm Cut-resistant sleeves for forearm protection

25-cm Cut-resistant sleeves for forearm protection



 50-cm Cut-resistant sleeves for full arm protection


L ’Extra Complet

Protects hands and forearms up to the biceps


 Glove stiffeners



A glove stiffener is an accessory which adjusts chainmail gloves to the hand

and thus allows handling of smaller objects.

Chainmail is drawn towards the back of the hand and does not hang loose.






Polyester fabric with 2-sided nitrile coating

Remains flexible, does not harden

Highly resistant to animal fats, blood and temperature






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