Our expertise

REVILLET is the oldest French manufacturer of STOCKINETTE.

REVILLET is referenced in all French slaughterhouses and in all major meat industry groups. A scientific study, carried out in 2003-2004 and 2011 by the A.D.I.V., demonstrates the effectiveness of dressing meat with the REVILLET stockinette. The REVILLET Stockinette meets the current European standards of suitability for “direct contact with foodstuffs”.

Since November 2021 our company has obtained the LABEL France terre textile is the only independent organization that comes to reward the articles of which + of the 3/4 of the operations of production are realized in France according to criteria of manufacture in short circuit, of quality and CSR.



The objective of the study program was to evaluate the effectiveness of Revillet stockinettes on the main carcass quality criteria. It took into account the following actions

– to compare, over 8 days of conservation, the evolution of carcasses conserved with stockinette compared to “control” carcasses.

– to measure the effect of stockinettes on the meat, according to their technical characteristics.

– to evaluate the risk of migration of chemical constituents from the stockinette to the meat product, as well as the suitability of this packaging for food contact.

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