REVILLET Company is the oldest STOCKINETTE manufacturer in France. A French National Meat and Poultry Office (OFIVAL)-certified supplier, REVILLET is a reference for slaughterhouses and major meat industry groups nationwide. Studies conducted by ADIV in 2003-2004 and 2011 proved the efficiency of wrapping meats in REVILLET stockinettes. The stockinette by REVILLET complies with current European norms with regard to “direct contact of food commodities”.



The goal of the study was to evaluate the efficiency of Revillet stockinettes  with regard to the principal carcass quality criteria. It involved:

– examining alterations in carcasses stored in and without stockinettes over an 8-day conservation period.

– measuring the effect of stockinettes on meat, depending on their technical characteristics.

– assessing the risk of migration of chemical compounds from stockinettes to meat products, and making sure this type of packaging is suitable for food contact.